• February 21, 2019

We are deeply grateful for this opportunity to share our selves and our artistic vision with you. We humbly thank you.

We are LUNA negra. Edgar and Karla.

We introduce you to our boutique line of original dark aesthetic fashion designs, one off up-cycled designs, art t-shirts, and one-of-a-kind home decor, hand made by the two of us with an occasional guest artists collaboration. We also offer hand selected vintage apparel and antique oddities. Ready to be shipped world wide.

Every single dollar you spend in our shop will be used to bring you your favorite bands (and soon to be new favorites). Our intention is to nurture the scene and help it grow. 100% of the proceeds of our sales will be used to help cover the expenses of organizing quality shows. Your purchases will help us ensure that each artist is well taken care of and help us provide them with warm meals, clean and cozy hotel rooms, transportation fees, booking fees, venue fees, etc. We understand it’s rough on the road and we intend to create a positive experience for them.

Please add us on Instagram for exclusive offers and announcements along with the most up-to-date event info and photos. We thank you once again.